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How Can I Keep The Air Clean?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Air pollution is damaging. Although we can hardly see it, air pollution harms millions of people each year. Believe it or not, air pollution causes thousands of deaths each year in America alone and around 4.2 million worldwide last year. So what can you do to better your health?

Say Hello To Houseplants

As minor as this may sound, indoor houseplants do improve your indoor air quality according to the American Society for Horticultural Science. Different house plans reduce different chemicals in the air.

Air Purification Is A Solution

The EPA recommends air purifiers. These are effective ways to reduce harsh chemicals or particles that may be lingering around. EPA states “The most effective ways to improve your indoor air are to reduce or remove the sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air. In addition, research shows that filtration can be an effective supplement to source control and ventilation. Using a portable air cleaner and/or upgrading the air filter in your furnace or central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system can help to improve indoor air quality. “

Get Rid Of Your Mold

Mold is everywhere. Mold can be found in damp, wet areas such as the bathroom, laundry room and basement. Before you get a wet cloth and a bottle of bleach, contact a professional mold remediation specialist. Killing mold with harsh chemicals may be damaging and could also be pointless.

How Can Air Methods Help You?

It is our goal at Air Methods Environmental to provide all customers the best experience and satisfaction in providing cleaner air to your home. We are committed to exceeding your needs whether it be asbestos abatement or a simple air clearance test. Contact us today at (541) 668 - 1848 or fill out the form here. Lastly, learn how residential asbestos removal can go a long way in this endeavor, too.


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